Friday, April 15, 2011

What's NEW!!!

So, OK I guess I don't have enough on my plate anymore but couldn't pass this up.  I joined a great new company called So Chic Bag Boutique.  They have some adorable bags and other great products. 

So Chic Bag Boutique

Here are just a few of their products.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Getting There

I made a couple more gift bags and some cards over the weekend.  Still not close to being done with what I need to finish but it seems like I never get that far.

I have a huge tote of Teeny Beanie Babies I am going to use for a craft project and if I can just get the rest of the supplies I need I will have one pending project finally completed.  I won't spill the beans yet on what that is.  When I finally get them started I will list some in my Bonanza booth. 

I have to get on the ball and be productive this week.  Not only do I have crafts to do but I have schoolwork that needs to be completed (taking a correspondence course in Medical Transcription).  So my "playing" on the computer this week will be limited.

So off to do some stuff.  Have a great day everyone.