Friday, November 18, 2011

Catching Up

I have been busy lately with job hunting, making new crafts, setting up at craft shows and trying to figure out how to open a brick and mortar store with no money.

After a failed attempt setting up a flea market booth (customers at this particular flea market did not want handmade items, only junk and imports) I have checked around at the craft malls and either they're full or they are asking too much for what they have to offer.  So, we decided to check into an actual store where I can sell my stuff and take other people's crafts and direct sale items as consignment or a direct rental each month.  Finding a small retail space is hard.  I found one that's very very affordable but it's about a 10 minute drive (on a good day) from Tulsa.  The space is 800 sq feet which is perfect.  I don't need a huge space.  We would prefer something closer but everything is pricey or it's way too big. 

I am at a point in my job hunting that I am so burned out and about to give up.  I've had interviews but nothing has come out of any of those.  One interview I went on I was feeling very good about it and thought I had a great shot at the job, but no word from them in 2 weeks and they wanted someone to start last week so obviously I didn't get it. 

Anyway, I have been creating new things.  I have some adorable Paper Rosette Ornaments I made.  I placed bottlecaps, bling or other embellishments.  They are 4" and 5" in diameter.  I am also trying to make some little 2" ones that can be put on presents like a bow or add a magnet on them.  Here are some of my newest creations.



To see more of these go to my Bonanza booth Lynn's Country Corner.  They have a category all their own.

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