Saturday, June 25, 2011

Finally Able to Update!!!

Wow. this month has just flown by.  I guess I had too much going on and didn't get a chance to get caught up on here.

I have been busy crafting.  I got a new toy and now I am doing some new projects.

I am now making bottlecaps.  I have started designing my own images (although I did buy a few already designed).  I have about 10 image sets designed and working on more.  I have several of them listed in my Bonanza booth already.  I am not selling the image sets themselves right now but I am doing them on bottlecap magnets or you can request a special listing for the bottlecaps themselves, no magnets.

Here are just a few of the image sets I have designed.  I love whimsical, cute, primtive and creative things. 

You can view these and my other images set in my Bonanza booth Lynn's Country Corner.

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