Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wow, What An Experience!!!

What I have experienced since last Friday I hope NEVER to have to experience again.  I woke up Friday morning and when I started to move my head, the whole world was spinning and I felt soooo sick.  I managed to get up and almost fell just trying to make it across the hall.  What I was experiencing was vertigo.  The entire day on Friday I couldn't move much, especially my head, otherwise I would feel very nauseated.  I was to be at our flea market booth that afternoon but with the way I felt, there was no possible way.  I tried to read up on it on the internet (as long as I kept my head still) and there are many diagnosis.  One in particular stood out called Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) that described EXACTLY what I was going through.  Saturday I felt slightly better.  I took some Dramamine and managed to make it through the day at our flea market.  Sunday was a little better too.  Again, took some Dramamine.  Yesterday I felt even better and didn't take any Dramamine and made it through OK.  I think today I'm starting to get back to normal.  I still feel wobbly when I turn real fast when walking or standing up.  I still get a little off balance if I turn my head too fast.  But, I am not walking "drunk" as I liked to call as much as I was this weekend.  I still don't dare bend down because I will be off balance.  Last night I almost lost my balance when moving a pan of hot elbow macaroni to the collander in the sink.  That wouldn't of been good if I dumped scalding hot water on me.  I was lucky I caught myself. 

If anyone has ever experienced this you know how it feels.  Just imagine as a kid going in circles really really fast until you were so dizzy you couldn't stand straight or you made yourself sick.  That is what it feels like only worse and it doesn't go away fast.  I've read where some people have had it for weeks to even months.  There is no way I could handle that.  I hope this is the first and the very last time I have this horrible experience. 

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