Thursday, August 11, 2011

New Creations

Wow, I didn't realize it had been so long since I've posted.  Lots going on lately.  Along with everyday life, I've just been busy.

On July 31 we closed our flea market booth.  It just wasn't working.  We were in the wrong place.  This particular flea market crowd isn't interested in quality handmade items.  After being there for a month I watched them carry around cheap imported stuff, junk, ugly ugly fashion and accessories and well just about everything my booth wasn't.  So, we closed up.  I am sticking with my craft shows and there is one flea market that I do good at but it's a hassle to set up and take down each Saturday.  This one gears towards antiques and crafts and I have always done decent there. 

I have been working on new creations in the meantime.  Besides designing my own own bottlecap images, I have also been designing images to make ceramic tile magnets and also I have been designing address labels.

All these can be seen in my Bonanza booth Lynn's Country Corner

Here are just a few examples of my Ceramic Tile Magnet designs.

Here are a few address labels I have made.

Last Saturday we had a severe storm blow through our section of the city.  We were not at home at the time but we were in a suburb just north of the city. We actually watched the storm to the south but at the time did not realize how bad it was.  We got home just shortly after the storm had moved away and we were just amazed at the damage.  We got home and didn't have power.  Our neighbor told us a limb fell in our backyard so we're thinking OK maybe a medium sized limb or something.  OH NO!!!!! We went into our backyard and there was a HUGE limb from the huge old tree that sits along our back fence.  I kid you not, this limb is about as long or longer than a huge school bus and the widest part of the limb is at least a foot in diameter.  This thing covered our backyard and came within a few feet of hitting our house.  We were lucky on that and the fact that it missed our power and cable lines going to the house.  Otherwise we would've had some very serious damage to our electrical going into the house.  We were without power for about 9 hours (oh and I forgot to mention that the day before there was a water main break and we didn't have water for over 10 hours due to that).  So now, we have this mess in the backyard and are still trying to figure out how to get it cleaned up because we are broke and cannot afford to have someone come and clean it up.   What's really sad about this is that not even 2 weeks ago we did have someone come out and haul branches, trash, leaves and other debris from our backyard.  It was all nice and clean.  We were forced to do it and had to pay someone to do it even though we did not have the extra to spare.  So now as I said we are just at our wits end on this.

Well, now that I've shared my crazy life I shall end here.  :)

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